15% off orders more than £20. Use code 1520
15% off orders more than £20. Use code 1520. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Fragranced or unfragranced

Each product is available unfragranced or delicately scented with mandarin extract: it's your choice.

Fragranced or unfragranced

No animal testing

We don't test on animals: we never have, we never will.

Not tested on animals

Paraben-free pure skin chemistry

We don't use parabens or other potentially toxic ingredients.

Paraben free, non-toxic

Physical UVA/UVB protection

We use physically occlusive sunscreens like zinc and titanium dioxide - not chemical films.

Physical UVA/UVB protection

Airless - for freshness

Reduced exposure to air means less preservative.

Airless packaging = less preservatives.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Not happy for any reason? Just say so, and we'll always give you your money back.

We reduce packaging to lower our environmental impact.