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We look a little different

We hope you love the new look, but if you're a little lost, we've put together a handy guide to find your old favourites in their new post glow-up form.

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Most of our cleansers can now be found in sustainable and recyclable aluminium tubes. No more clunky glass at the bathroom sink.


Your favourite moisturiser now lives in a travel-friendly and sustainable aluminium tube.


Still packing a punch in recyclable glass bottles.

Some things aren't just meant to be 😞 RIP PolyPep Collagen Boosting Serum, but a new guy is in town to take your crown. Polypep Complex Collagen-Boosting Serum can be found in Serums or Firm.

Eye Creams

Still in a recyclable tube. Just hotter.

Face and body oils

Our face and body oils still deliver the glow in glass bottles.


Same great formula. Same UV-protecting glass. New easy-to-understand name.

Lip, hand and body products

Perfection is always evolving, which is why some of our lip, hand and body products look a little different.

Masks and treatments

New names for our treatment heroes.

Makeup and perfume

Some bad news (and some good news).

Our Blushers will be back soon!

Our foundation will be back soon!

Our Lip Colour will be back soon!

Our Loose Powder is mid-glow up and will be back soon.

Our Fragrance has been discontinued.