Regenacalm 2% Retinol and Vitamin C Serum

with Dill, Liquorice Extract and Hyaluronic Acid.

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    • Our best-selling treatment serum: treat fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, acne scars and areas of sensitivity and hyperpigmentation.
    • 2% stabilized retinol ester to regenerate and repair. Retinol is a fabulous anti-oxidant and anti-ageing ingredient.
    • Dill extract to regenerate elastin and liquorice extract to reduce dark spots, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. You won't find another serum with this combination of ingredients.
    • Vitamin C - nature's best anti-oxidant to fight blemishes, scars and free radicals. Ferulic acid and vitamin e help to keep it stable.
    • Use on its own or underneath your moisturiser to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin.
    • Natural - vegan, paraben-free, no sillicates, polyethylene glycols (PEGS) or mineral oils and not tested on animals. Made in the UK.
    • Concentrated and long-lasting, 30ml of this serum offers exceptional value.
    • If you are looking for a stroner retinoid - you may wish to consider new Regenacalm Pro with 3% Retinol Liposomes.

    This is going to be a game-changer. Regenacalm Serum is Facetheory's new serum, formulated to treat a range of difficult skin problems. Regenacalm's signature ingredients are a concentrated dose of dill extract to regenerate elastin (not easy to do!), and liquorice extract to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation.  

    A 2% concentration of stabilized retinol works to regenerate collagen and vitamin c provides anti-oxidant power.  Ferulic acid helps to stabilize these active ingredients so they remain effective.  Use Regenacalm on fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and areas of redness, pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. 

    This serum really does work. It has evened out my complexion, stopped redness and gotten rid of almost all of my acne scars. My skin looks so much brighter and my pores have shrunk. I have also noticed that I now get hardly any blackheads and spots since using this serum. Overall I love this serum and the ingredients in it. I also love what FaceTheory stands for and how they use natural ingredients only.

    Anne, June 2017
    Skin type suitability

    Regenacalm's ingredients will benefit most skin types.

    Active Ingredients
    Aloe Vera
    An antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in one, great for soothing sore patches, relaxing spots, and even protecting from harsh UV rays.
    Dill Extract
    Dill can help influence elastin production - one of the few natural ingredients to do so.
    Ferulic Acid
    The best thing that ever came from bran, ferulic acid is a powerful anti-oxidant that prevents free-radical damage and stabilises essentials like vitamin E.
    Hyaluronic Acid
    A humectant, it draws water to the surface of your skin, keeping it soft, supple, and healthily hydrated. It’s also a helpful way to make sure other ingredients penetrate deep into the epidermis.
    Liqourice Extract
    Effective against dark spots, hyperpigmentation and acne-causing bacteria. Great for sensitive or redenned skin.
    Retinol’s the ultimate in anti-ageing. It’s a wrinkle-reducing, pore-tightening, fine-line-softening substance – and an excellent way to repair damaged skin. Regenacalm uses Retinyl Palmitate - a stable ester of retinol that can be stabilized with Vitamin E instead of BHT.

    Esters of retinol also do not cause sun sensitivity in the same way that retinol does (see here)
    Vitamin C
    An essential anti-oxidant, vitamin C protects event the most sensitive skin against UV damage. And if the damage is already done, don’t worry – vitamin C stimulates useful collagen production, ideal for repair and restoration.
    Vitamin E
    A fat you can make friends with. Vitamin E is a clever fat soluble that hydrates and repairs your skin, leaving it full and fresh.
  • Give Regenacalm a gentle shake to activate. Apply a few drops to a damp face to blemishes, fine lines, dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation. Moisturise afterwards.
  • Aqua, propanediol, glycerin, retinyl palmitate (ester of retinol), sodium ascorbyl phosphate (stabilized vitamin c), aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf juice, polysorbate 80 (emulsifier), dillweed peucedanum graveolens (dill), glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice) extract, tocopherol (natural vitamin e), ferulic acid (anti-oxidant from rice bran), sodium levulinate (preservative from sugar cane), sodium anisate (preservative from aniseed), glyceryl caprylate (emollient), xanthan gum (stabilizer), salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid & anti bacterial), lactic acid (aha and ph adjuster), sodium hyaluronate (salt of hyaluronic acid), citric acid (ph adjuster), potassium sorbate (salt of sorbic acid, found in berries).
  • ColourCreamy yellow (from the retinol)
    ContainerAmber glass bottle with dropper that protects actives from UV light.
    Rheology / GlideThin and creamy. Easily absorbed.
    pH 5.5
    Odour Hints of botanicals and retinol.
    Sulphate / SLS free

4.55 Average

691 Reviews

Lee Mcleish

Barbara Sussman

Soaks in very quickly- skin feels very soft. Just started using it so hoping it will reduce my fine lines


Bought this as I have hype pigmentation at present cannot notice a difference have been using this for 7 months

Amanda Livesley

Love this! Has calmed blemishes and made skin feel much better.


Love this product. Made my skin feel smoother. Pores/redness reduced, especially on my cheeks. Will purchase again.


Amazing product


Fiona Weston




Love this product as a serum. I use day and night and it just perks my skin up and makes it looks super bright. I am 49 years with dehydrated skin, it’s not greasy at lol and works well with the retinol moisturiser.. really love this and a little goes a long way


I work within Dermatology and recently viewed a documentary on the benefits against the ageing process of skin and helping with sun damage by applying Retinol on a daily basis at least 1%. I then spent ages searching the high street for a high percentage of Retinol at an affordable price. Few shops on the high streets offer Retinol products but either don't include the strength ( just the wording) or its so low such as 0.03% that the benefits for my skin would be negligible and at such an expensive price. I am so pleased with my purchase and feel my dark sun spots are actually fading from my cheeks.


Marie Devaney

Have been using this little pot of wonder for a few weeks now and already my skin looks fresher and less dry. I use it at night time only. I've also noticed my rosacea slightly less aggressive since using this. I will definitely keep this product in my life!


I've been using this serum for a few months so can't assess the really long term impact, but I've been very happy with the effects in the short term. My skin has been looking much brighter and hydrated and more even in tone. My t zone is generally oily, so I follow it up with the oil free moisturiser which works well as a combination. I'm sure I'll be buying more.

Edvinas Mondravickis

I personally did not see any visible effects, but might help others.

Sorry to hear this Edvinas. We have a 365 day guarantee in place so it may be worth continuing a little longer however if you are still not happy please email us at for a refund and further advice. Jamie

Donna Tebbs

I left it until finishing the whole bottle of Regenacalm 2% Retinol & Vit C before writing a review, as I wanted to give it a good chance to show its full potential. My face definitely soon looked smoother, and the red patches were certainly calmed. However, I am prone to acne, which had been very much under control for several months, but I did start getting spots again when I started using the serum, which was a bit disappointing. The main reason I bought this product was to diminish some dark spots and old acne scars, and it has been so difficult deciding whether the appearance of them has improved, since some days they seemed better than others, but after 4 weeks, I think I have seen an improvement, and may well buy a second bottle of the serum to continue the process, especially as it also seems to have evened out my skin tone quite considerably. Overall, I have been pleased with my purchase from Facetheory.


Ashley Macionnraic

I've been using this product for about 3 weeks and definitely see improvement in the fine lines around my eyes! I'm very impressed and have been recommending Facetheory to everyone!!


Great! Has changed my skin. Would definitely recommend.


Been using it for a week so far and my skin has looked really good since

Lynsey Treacy

I have only started using this but I love the feel


Natalia Kravcenko

Good stuff. Love the ingredients. I didn’t notice big difference with my other, Moore expensive serums, Will keep use it.

Melanie Hammond

My favourite serum at the moment. Have dark pigmentation on my face and under my eyes. This serum has smoothed it all out, and the pigmentations are fading now. Excellent stuff

Jenna Heywood

After reading the reviews I was had high hopes for this product. Unfortunately I am sad to say I have not noticed a change in my skin, particularly to my eye area where I hoped it would help. As well as blemishes. Sorry :(

Sorry to hear you didn't get the results you wanted Jenna - please contact us for either a refund or alternative product recommendations.


Good product - going to order the 3% Retinol now!

Jane Ledger

This stuff is lovely , i can really feel and see a difference in my skin . I recommend this company there’s no fancy packaging but all the money ( and it’s amazing value ) is in the product .

Cheryl Thomas

I love it, it makes my skin feel and look good

Rebecca Booth

I have been using this product for around 2 weeks now morning and night and have seen great improvement in my skin already. I don't have particularly lined skin but the fine lines I have on my forehead have significantly reduced....almost not there! It has also helped reduce my breakouts I get and improve the overall appearance of my skin. It's non oily which is great for me as it doesn't make my skin any shinier than normal when I apply make up on top of it. Didn't expect to see such an improvement so soon. Would definatly recommend and will be buying again!


i love this awesome stuff, been using it for well over a year along with other facetheory products amazing results skin looks so healthy