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August 19, 2020

What is panthenol?

D-panthenol is the provitamin of D-pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5. B5 is a water-soluble vitamin found in a variety of plant- and animal-derived food sources, including cereals, meat, legumes, eggs, and milk, and it is also a popular skincare ingredient. In the cosmetics industry, panthenol is used to moisturise, soften and soothe skin. Panthenol provides four primary benefits to skin health.

Benefits of panthenol

1. Skin rejuvenation

Panthenol helps to rejuvenate the skin by encouraging stem cell renewal and cell differentiation. Extensive research has demonstrated that panthenol promotes epidermal rejuvenation and prolongs skin’s ability to renew itself, resulting in a fresher and brighter complexion.

2. Healthy hydration

Panthenol helps maintain healthy, hydrated skin by increasing its moisture level. Panthenol reinforces the skin’s barrier by significantly reducing transepidermal water loss, which helps protect against external elements and improves the texture, elasticity, and overall condition of the skin.

3. Soothing sensitivity

Panthenol has proven anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes irritation and reduces skin erythema. Studies show that panthenol improves several symptoms of sensitive skin, including dryness and roughness. One study in particular has found that panthenol reduces tissue damage. Another study has found that panthenol treatment decreases damage to the skin barrier and that areas of the skin treated with panthenol show fewer skin reactions.

4. Recovery and regeneration

Panthenol helps regulate the expression of the genes involved in skin’s recovery processes while stimulating cell regeneration. Panthenol helps skin to regenerate post injury by enhancing MMP3, a viral regulator of wound healing. Studies have provided evidence that panthenol improves the overall cosmetic appearance of wounds by 37 percent after just 48 hours. As such, panthenol is more effective than other ingredients at increasing the rate of wound closure.

As panthenol is easily absorbed by the skin, it’s ideal for use in a variety of skincare products. Its soothing and restorative properties defend skin against itching, redness and inflammation, making it perfect for relieving acne, eczema and sunburn. 

Can panthenol be used alonside other ingredients?

Panthenol is highly compatible with other active ingredients. Some dermatologists recommend that combining panthenol with hyaluronic acid helps deliver more effective hydration. Panthenol has also been shown to be helpful in counteracting the dehydration and dryness often associated with prolonged retinol use.  

How often should I apply panthenol?

Products containing panthenol can be applied several times a day, if required. Panthenol is best absorbed by thoroughly cleansed skin. We recommend that you wash your face and use a toner to remove all traces of surface oil and impurities before applying any product that contains panthenol.