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Cacay Oil

November 10, 2021

What is cacay oil? 

Cacay oil is extracted from the nut of the cacay tree and contains an optimal combination of vitamins and fatty acids that work to promote skin health and reduce fine lines, blemishes and loss of firmness. Rich in linoleic acid and vitamins A and E, it is lighter than most oils and absorbs quickly into skin and hair. Facetheory uses organic cacay oil that is ethically sourced from Colombia and cold-pressed to preserve its skin-nourishing properties.

Benefits of cacay oil

1. Fights visible signs of ageing

Cacay oil has three times the amount of retinol present in rosehip oil. Retinol is essential for renewing skin cells and can help to stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Increases skin hydration

Cacay oil contains 50% more vitamin E than argan oil. Thanks to this high vitamin E content, combined with its ability to penetrate the skin, cacay oil works to replenish and maintain skin’s hydration. Vitamin E can stimulate the renewal of cells and improve skin elasticity. Incorporating cacay oil into your skin care routine can plump your skin and improve the appearance of fine lines.

3. Combats breakouts and refines skin texture

Cacay oil absorbs well without clogging pores, making it suitable even for skin that’s prone to breakouts. It contains over 68% linoleic acid, which can help to improve skin’s barrier function and facilitate the penetration of other active ingredients. It is also rich in retinol, which helps combat breakouts and aids in cell turnover to improve skin texture and eliminate hyperpigmentation.

    4. Smooths and hydrates hair

    Incorporating cacay oil in your hair care routine can help to moisturise hair, nourish the scalp, and encourage hair growth. The vitamin E present in cacay oil works to prevent split ends and condition, hydrate and repair damaged or brittle hair.

      Is cacay oil suitable for my skin type?

      As cacay oil is non-comedogenic, it is suitable for all skin types, including blemish-prone skin. The high content of linoleic acid present in cacay oil can help to reduce inflammation and prevent clogged pores.

      Can cacay oil be used with other products?

      Cacay oil is safe to use in combination with other products. It can aid skin’s absorption of other actives.

      How often should I use cacay oil?

      Apply cacay oil all over your body twice a day or as needed.