December 10, 2021

Everyone’s heard about double cleansing, but do you know what it means and whether you should do it?

The idea of doing a double cleanse comes from Korean skincare routines, which typically involve a lengthy number of steps. But if you crave simplicity in your skincare regime, there are ways to benefit from this double cleanse method without getting into one hundred steps AM and PM.

What is double cleansing?

The basics of a double cleanse are simple. You cleanse your face twice, with two different, complementing products. This has the effect of first removing the grime that builds over the course of a day, and second, nourishing your skin. From there, you can simply add your chosen moisturiser and any other products if you like.

In the old days, giving our faces a wash involved a good scrub with soap and water. Of course, times change, and we now have the science at our fingertips to prove that we actually need to replenish lost moisture and soothe stressed skin. This helps us to look younger, healthier and glowing.

A double cleanse is part of this whole science-based ideology, which enables us to look after our skin, rather than simply scrubbing the dirt away.

How to double cleanse

Although the way we double cleanse varies depending on skin type, there is a basic premise to remember.

  1. Start with a suitable cleanser designed to break down hard-to-remove grime, makeup and debris that clogs our pores and builds up over time.
  2. Follow with a skin concern-targeted cleanser to nourish your skin. At this stage, your skin needs certain actives and ingredients to give it the TLC it needs.

So, what does this look like for your skin? Here’s our quick guide to help you choose the right products and get your double cleanse on the right track.    

For oily and combination skin

If you have oily skin, the temptation can be to steer away from oil-based products. Actually, the right kind of oils can help to balance and replenish your complexion.

When pairing your Facetheory products for a double cleanse, look to the following:

  1. Deeply Nourishing Jojoba Cleansing Oil O4 start by double cleansing with jojoba oil by massaging a few drops of our organic oil in your skin then wiping it away with a damp cloth to remove surface grime and makeup without irritation.
  2. Clarifying Cleanser C2massage with our Clarifying Cleanser with triple acids into your damp skin to gently exfoliate and resurface. Leave for a minute then rinse away. For an added boost, try our Clarifying Cleanser C2 Pro with quillaja bark, a natural soap.

For dry skin

Dry skin needs nourishment and protection against moisture loss. Stripping your face during the cleansing process is counterintuitive to this, and although you can top up with a hydrating day cream afterwards, the best way to tackle dehydrated skin is to prevent it drying out in the first place.

A double cleanse will enable you to penetrate your skin at a deeper level to remove grime and get the boost of nutrients you need. Here’s how:

  1. Deeply Nourishing Jojoba Cleansing Oil O4 a nourishing face oil that can help to protect the delicate moisture balance of your skin, our O4 oil with organic jojoba oil and vitamin E help to do just that. Simply massage onto your skin to start, then wipe away with a damp cloth.
  2. Freshening Face Wash C4follow with a hydrating, foaming face wash to remove any pore-blocking impurities and give you a soft, cleansed finish. This one just requires a small amount, massaged into your skin and rinsed away with warm water.

For anti-ageing and mature skin 

We all know that anti-ageing skincare can be effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and it all starts with your cleanse. A cream cleanser with brightening ingredients like vitamin C will also help to protect against environmental damage.

Whether you have mature skin, or if you have fine lines, this double cleanse is for you:

  1. Restorasoft Waterproof Makeup Remover C3begin by smoothing our C3 makeup remover onto your skin and removing it with a damp cloth. With gentle, eco-solvents, this removes makeup and surface grime without irritation.
  2. Vitamin C Cream Cleanser C1follow this by massaging our C1 cleanser into damp skin and wiping it away with a cloth. For a deeper cleanse, use the hot cloth cleanse technique. This will remove debris and impurities while giving your skin a boost of nourishing, anti-ageing ingredients.

Final word

Double cleansing can benefit almost every skin type by removing impurities from the skin at a deeper level and giving you the right balance of ingredients to care for and enhance your skin.

By understanding how to tackle a double cleanse and what products to use in order, you’ll be able to treat your skin to the actives and botanicals it needs and stay luminous whatever the day throws at you.