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Glycomide Body Cream

with 9% Glycolic Acid, Cranberry Seed Oil and Ceramide 3.

Vegan ✔ 365 day guarantee ✔ Cruelty-free ✔ Paraben-free ✔

    • A rich body cream with 9% glycolic acid formulated to help gently shed dead skin cells, leaving a smoother, more refined texture. Glycomide can even help smooth those rough bumps and lumps from keratosis pilaris.
    • Formulated with rice bran oil, organic cranberry seed oil, and organic jojoba oil to provide super-rich non-irritating hydration.
    • Glycomide contains ceramide 3 - a lipid found in the skin which holds skin cells together, acting as a protective layer to retain moisture. It is lost during ageing and exposure to environmental factors. Glycomide can help replenish these natural lipids - restoring your skin's natural balance.
    • Sodium lactate hydrates skin and vitamin e soothes.
    • This cream is a strong product and shouldn't be used on under 18s or those with sensitive skin.
    • If you apply this cream to exposed areas we recommend you apply sun protection Try Sunfragma SPF 25 Sunscreen.
    • Natural - vegan, paraben-free, no silicones, polyethylene glycols (PEGS) or mineral oils and not tested on animals. Made in the UK.
    • Concentrated and long-lasting, 200ml of this body cream offers exceptional value.

    Glycomide is a rich body cream formulated to smooth and refine skin.  Especially good at fighting keratosis pilaris.

    Active Ingredients
    Ceramides help restore cutaneous skin elasticity and helps skin to appear more smooth. Facetheory ceramides are delivered in a natural olive base.
    Cranberry Seed Oil
    A non-fragrant plant oil with a rich source of anti-oxidants.
    Glycolic Acid 9%
    An alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid helps exfoliate skin cells by breaking down the bonds that hold them together.
    Jojoba Oil
    We use premium quality cold-pressed organic jojoba oil.
    Sodium Lactate
    Sodium lactate (the sodium salt of lactic acid) is found in the stratum corneum of the skin is humectant and natural moisturising factor.
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that hydrates and repairs your skin, leaving it full and fresh. The Vitamin E in this body cream is derived naturally and contains alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols.
  • Apply liberally as and when required. Keep away from sensitive areas because this cream is formulated to a low pH (3.2) so that it works effectively. If you are using on exposed areas in the day time then use with a sunscreen as this product may increase sensitivity to sunlight.
  • Aqua, glycolic acid (aha acid), sodium lactate (natural moisturising factor), glycerin (humectant), glyceryl stearate SE (emulsifer), oryza sativa (Rice) bran oil, polyglyceryl-6 stearate (vegetable emulsifier), cetyl alcohol (fatty acid), vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) seed oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, glyceryl caprylate (emollient), polyglylceryl-6 behenate (emulsifier), cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose (plant-based thickener), tocopherol (natural vitamin e), xanthan gum (rheology modifier), olive glycerides (natural fatty acids), ceramide 3 (plant lipids).

    This product is free from

    Animal ingredients, benzalkonium chloride, benzophenones/benzophenone derivatives, bisphenol a (BPA), butoxyethanol, BHA, BHT, carbomer, coal tar dyes, -cones, ethanolamines (MEA/DEA/TEA), formaldehyde, hydroquinone, liquid petrolatum, methyl cellosolve, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, mercury, mercury compounds, mineral oil, oxybenzone, parabens, paraffin oil, pentylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, polyethylene glycol (PEGs), resorcinol, siloxanes, sodium nitrite, sulfates, thimerosal, toluene, triclosan, triclocarban.

  • pH3.2
    ScentAvailable in bergamot or unscented
    TextureVery rich cream.
    Packaging Amber glass bottle with cream pump.
    Sulphate-free / SLS-free

4.49 Average

39 Reviews

Sharon Greenwood

Wow! Have only been using for approx one week and I am loving the effect this cream is having on my skin. Was not sure what to expect but I am so happy I have tried this cream. The texture seemed very thick and heavy at first and took more rubbing in than I was used to but it sinks into the skin very quickly. I was concerned it would not be very moisturising but my mature skin feels soft and hydrated all day. My skin texture is so much smoother and less crepey, especially my sun damaged décolleté and lower arms. This cream has also managed to get rid of very stubborn dry patches on my knees and elbows. Very impressed and will certainly be purchasing again.

Magdalena Pitcher

Beautifully scented, absorbs really well and leaves the skin smooth and nourished. Also, a little goes a long way. Will definitely buy it again.


I am currently using this to tackle scarring on my body, once a week. It's too early to say whether there's a change but I love the fact it sinks into the skin fast. I'm optimistic about this product!


Fabulous cream really feel it works. I’ve been using for 4 months now and feel that my skin is smoother and not so ‘crepey’ Looking!


The formula is very sticky when apply and doesn't matter if your skin is wet or not. The sticky feeling on my skin was so bad I had to shower it off. However I've found that applying it with a cloth which I brought off this site and really rubbing it in really works to help make it less sticky on the skin. I've notice less bumps in my legs and arms also.

Hi Anon Thanks for the feedback. It may have felt slightly tacky because it has a high humectant level in it. It should keep your skin super-hydrated. You may of course return for a refund too if you don't get on with it (Just contact us help@facetheory.com) Jamie

Alicja Lalik

This body cream is amazing. It makes my skin so soft. I love it !


I have struggled for years with ‘chicken skin’ on my arms. They’ve looked horrible and felt horrible and I was very conscious. I have been using this cream at night, as it’s quite heavy, for two weeks and my arms feel soft to touch and the spots are far less visible. It is the first time in my life I have not felt embarrassed by my arms. Highly recommend for people with this skin condition. It does tingle a little when it goes on, but very mild and the sensation settles.

Maureen Gillanders

Brilliant product, love it. Skin has definitely improved despite being over 70! Only complaint is the product is so thick it's impossible to pump a last tenth out of the bottle. Whilst it's good the container is glass, a larger version of the plastic pump dispenser used for the face products may be better.

Rachel McGarrity

This product is fantastic. I have finished one bottle and have ordered another two! It has cleared up small red bumps on my upper arms and on my legs and my skin as a whole has become so much smoother. One bottle has lasted me about 5-6 weeks and it's tricky to pump the last bit of moisturizer out of the bottom of the bottle but I would still highly recommend this product!


It's an ok body cream but expensive

Sherrece Ollivierre

Exactly what i expected. Ive been using glycolic acid for almost a year and the results are amazing. Clears up my complaxion better than any other products. Always start with a low percentage 5% max so your skin can get use it


This is an amazing product! As I've got very dry skin, I've tried hundreds of body creams, lotions etc. but this one is absolutely magic. It's very rich and leaves my skin super soft and smooth, but quite hard to rub, so it might be a bit annoying at the beginning, but the results are definitely worth it. I also use it for my boyfriend's keratosis pilaris and I am actually surprised how good this works! Although, if you've got cuts or breakouts it's stinging a bit. Highly recommend! I've got rid of most of my skin problems with Facetheory and I absolutely live for this brand

Carrie Ann Lapornik

I find this product a bit too thick and it takes a while to absorb but when it did I didn't feel sticky. I have had to stop using as I don't like the odour. I hadn't used it long enough to see a noticable difference. I wouldn't order again.

Debby Richards

Love this on my skin, but takes a while to rub in!

Diana Magee

I have had these annoying little red bumps on my upper arms and legs for as long as I can remember. I was always self-conscious about them. This wonder-cream has beautifully smoothed the bumps away and evened out the tone. I do wish the bottle was a little bigger as I'd love to use this cream everywhere, but I concentrate it on the areas with bumps or uneven skin tone. It is a thick cream and I like to apply at night or just after a shower to allow for best absorption.


I didn't love this cream at first because I found it hard to rub in. I do like how smooth and soft my skin feels after using it though. I've become obsessed with oils since starting to use facetheory and found that adding some facetheory argan oil with the cream helps to blend it in better.

Irene Ruikovich

I love most of Facetheory products, but unfortunately this cream made my skin itchy after applying. It also leaves the skin sticky rathe then smooth and soft. Full refund was received, thanks for the great customer service. It was also very easy to return the item

Sarah Luck

As someone who has lived with very dry, scaly and flaky skin since childhood this product is the best I have ever used. I have used quite a few different glycolic/salicylic/lactic acid creams over the years to help manage my skin. They have all been expensive and contained less than healthy ingredients including synthetic fragrances and parabens. I was so excited to finally find a product that works and doesn't contain toxic ingredients. The natural bergamot scent is subtle and refreshing. Once daily use completely eliminates dry, scaly, flaky and bumpy skin. I'm sold. I'm only in the UK for year but will continue to order this even once i'm back in Australia. Thankyou.


Great moisturiser that seems to be working well so far! Would recommend if you have keratosis paralysis.


amazing product. so moisturising. tingling at the beginning but that is expected for a glycolic acid and that means it works! doesn't cause breakout or redness unlike any other glycolic acid toner. improved skin texture and tone. noticeable different. and i used it for my face too without any problem, magic!


Really good for keratosis pilaris

Rebecca Tudor

this Reduced the redness on my cheeks after just one application! Use a little bit both morning and night and my skin has improved massively. It hasn’t totally cleared, though I have only been using it about 2 weeks so far, but the improvement is the best I’ve had from any product!

Migle Kardasiene

I don't know how I could live without this body cream. Love, love, love!


Love the smell! Works really well too

Ewa Jablonska

I've been using this body cream for two weeks now. My skin feels more soft and smooth. It helped a bit with small bumps I have on my back, but I think it's still too early to get some big results. It's a bit sticky at first, but absorbs after few minutes. Smells really nice!

Amanda Young

Such a great body lotion .... good for hands too . Makes skin soft and supple

Royah Behrouz

I didn’t like this cream at all. Smells too medicinal and also doesn’t absorb very well and is very sticky. Shame as I am looking for a really good body cream.

Hi Royah Sorry to hear this. Please contact help@facetheory.com and we'll arrange a refund for you. Jamie


I have only used this product twice so far and am astounded by the results. I would call it more of a resurfacing treatment than a moisturising cream, but does the job brilliantly and I can’t believe how smooth my skin is after just 2 applications. It absorbs very easily with no oiliness so it’s perfect for morning use. I think drier or more mature skins could find it slightly too drying and might need to supplement with something richer, and I have docked one star because the pump isn’t recyclable, but I will definitely become a regular user of this product.


This is amazing,it not only improves skin texture it makes your skin look subtle with smelling divine!


Makes my skin feel really soft and supple, clears up bumps and areas of rough skin. Tingles a little bit in places. Slightly unusual scent but not at all unpleasant.

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