Konjac Face Sponge - 100% natural Asian Konjac Face Sponge. Great at removing make-up.

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  • Konjac is a plant native to Asia - and we've really done our homework to bring you this high quality Konjac Facial Sponge.

    • 100% Konjac - This sponge is firm when it is dry and then softens and turns slightly silky when you add water. You can use it in much the same way a muslin. It gently exfoliates and when it dries the sponge returns to its original shape.
    • Perfect for removing make-up - We think they're perfect to use with a cleanser and are great at removing make-up quickly and naturally.
    • pH Balanced - They're slightly alkaline and perfectly balanced for your skin.
    • Suitable for most skin types - They're great for most skin types - especially combination or combination to oily skin.
    • 100% natural - These sponges are 100% natural Konjac fibre - and nothing else.
    • Long-lasting - With good care your sponge should last two to three months.
  • Rinse your sponge after use to remove any cleanser and just allow it to dry naturally. Don't wring or twist the sponge as this may damage the delicate plant fibres. This sponge is a 100% natural product and with good care should last three months.
  • 100% Natural South Korean Konjac.

4.38 Average

21 Reviews

Joanne Johnston

The Konjac face sponge is lovely and soft and is great for removing make-up and generally cleansing your face.

Sadie Carrington

This sponge is great. It feels like a rock when you first receive it, but after its soaked up water it’s very gentle and slightly exfoliating. My skin feels very clean and supple after using it. Very easy to clean too, after rinsing it I can’t see any make up residue or dirt. Very happy with this!



It is amazing! I love it!

Karen Dowling

I've bought one of these before and loved it and the first one lasted months....but my second purchase is starting to fall apart after only a few uses!.

Ruth Myatt

Bought this sponge. Felt amazing to begin with, but then fell apart within the first week. Disappointed because initially felt amazing!


I love this sponge as it gives such a good result. It makes my skin feel really clean without drying it.

T Davies

Seriously disappointed at this. It does work but it disintegrates within weeks. Followed instructions and it was well looked after but it doesn’t last long rough to justify the cost. Shame as it worked really well when it was fresh out the bag.

Elisabeta Cinciu

Great at removing make-up. It’s so soft and gentle with your skin.

Ruth Hamilton

Took some getting used to to , but does what it says .


I wanted to change cosmetic pads for a face cloth or sponge. I find this one to remove makeup perfectly with a touch of coconut oil. I will definitely order this product again.

Kirstein Rummery

Gentle, thorough, I have one in my shower and by the sink. No more harsh abrasives for me, this does the job beautifully

Matilde Allibon

It's soft and it cleans your face very well



Neringa Rackauskaite

Just brilliant! So soft and useful. Even my 5 years daughter takes it to wash her face,so I will need to buy a second one


I don't really wear makeup.....but needed something extra to throughly clean my face...this sponge is very good at removing dirt....cleans very well


I don't think I have ever written a review on a product in my life but this sponge diserves it! I am very allergic to purfum and fragrance and can not use any product that has it in - hence why I have ended up on this site! I brought this sponge as an add on to my other products but I couldn't be more happier, alongside the signature cleanser it leaves my skin so clean, soft and really nourished - it feels amazing and naturally effoliates due to the texture of the sponge!


I use this to wipe the lather off my face before rinsing it. It's very soft and pliable when wet. It could easily be used for removing make-up or for applying foundation.

tennyson Butler

Great sponge was a little on the small size though

Sarah Birch

This is a weird but lovely sponge. It feels incredibly hard and rough when it's dry but as soon as you run it under a tap it becomes soft and almost has a gel like feeling to it! Removes makeup well and it doesn't seem to get trapped in the sponge as it comes out as soon as you rinse it. There's a little string hook that you can use to hang to sponge up to help it dry as well. Seems to leave my skin looking glowing and fresh and really soft to the touch.

mary stephenson

My skin loves this tool in my routine I massage my face with this cute little sponge daily with my clarifying or signature cleanser , skin feels really clean, smooth. Two months along and goodbye congested skin, hello to fresh comfortable glowing soft skin.