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Balancing Rosehip Oil O3

with Organic Rosehip Oil and Natural Vitamin E.

Vegan ✔ 365 day guarantee ✔ Cruelty-free ✔ Paraben-free ✔

    • Rosehip Oil O3 is our premium face oil - the purest quality organic CO2-extracted face oil (superior than cold-pressed) with a touch of naturally-sourced vitamin E for a full range of tocopherols.
    • Our rosehip oil is a deep orange in colour, full of natural beta carotene and a small amount of all trans retinoic acid.
    • The retinoic acid content makes it great to use as a stretch mark treatment.
    • Rosehip Oil is great for more mature skin with its range of omega oils and natural vitamin A.
    • Made with 100% Organic Rosehip Oil.
    • Packaged in an amber glass bottle to stop light from oxidizing the oil.  Also contains a dropper so it's easy to dispense without waste.
    • Organic Rosehip Face Oil O3 contains Naturally-derived Vitamin E (1%) with all four types of tocopherol: alpha, beta, gamma and delta.
    • Natural - paraben-free, no silicones, polyethylene glycols (PEGS) or mineral oils and not tested on animals. Blended in the UK.

    Balancingg Rosehip Oil O3 contains the very best organic rosehip fruit extracted by super-critical (CO2) to give you the purest high quality rosehip oil. It's high in pro vitamin A along with essential fatty acids linoleic acid and linolenic acid.  

    Alternative spellings: rose hip oil.

    Love the stuff it’s really really soft and a little amount goes a long long way.

    Simon Clarke - March 2018
    Skin type suitability

    Sensitive, dry, and combination skin. Great for more mature skin where the vitamin A can get to work on fine lines and wrinkles.

    Active Ingredients
    Rosehip Oil
    A natural oil extracted from rosehip fruit via super-critical CO2 extraction.
    Natural Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is a clever fat-soluble vitamin that hydrates and repairs your skin, leaving it full and fresh. The Vitamin E in O1 is derived naturally and contains alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols.
  • Warm two drops of oil in your hands and apply to your face and neck. Use before a moisturiser or on its own for an extra shot of hydration.
  • Rosa Moschata (Rose hip) fruit oil. (organic), Tocopherol (1% naturally derived)

    This product is free from

    Animal ingredients, benzalkonium chloride, benzophenones/benzophenone derivatives, bisphenol a (BPA), butoxyethanol, BHA, BHT, carbomer, coal tar dyes, -cones, ethanolamines (MEA/DEA/TEA), formaldehyde, hydroquinone, liquid petrolatum, methyl cellosolve, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, mercury, mercury compounds, mineral oil, oxybenzone, parabens, paraffin oil, pentylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, polyethylene glycol (PEGs), resorcinol, siloxanes, sodium nitrite, sulfates, thimerosal, toluene, triclosan, triclocarban.

  • ColourOrange (dries clear)
    Fatty acids Oleic - 16%
    Linoleic - 52.4%
    Palmitic - 3.7%
    Stearic - 2.4%
    Myristic - 0.04%
    Alpha Linolenic - 22.5%
    Arachidic - 0.9%
    Behenic - 0.17%
    Rheology / GlideEasy absorbancy.
    Extraction Method Co2 Extracted
    Odour Odourless

4.75 Average

118 Reviews


What a treasure. This keeps my skin so smooth and nicely moist. Not oily. Just love it.


Great value product. Would highly recommend.


I was going through a bit of a down spell and couldn't really be bothered with a skin care routine, but I had a bottle of this to use up. Most evenings and mornings after a quick face wash I'd smooth on about 6 drops of this on to my face. It's now 4 months down the line, my passion for skin care has returned and I've been amazed by the improvement of my fine lines, particularly on my forehead. It took me ages to figure out what was causing it. But this is the only thing I have been using on my skin. So if you are looking for something anti aging, look no further. It does take a few months to see an improvement though.


Love this any time of the day


Beautiful texture, sinks into the skin quickly without feeling overwhelming even when used with or after a moisturiser. The quality of the rosehip is exceptional and feeds the skin so well. My skin looks more balanced, less flushed and more taught.

Rebecca Lusted

Great product feels really moisturising. I use it when i need to wash my hair the next day so dont worry if it comes into contact with my hair. Rebecca x

Linnea Lundbeck

I usually stay away from facial oils since they tend to break me out. I’ve been using this for about two weeks now and my face seem more balanced and even colored.

soyel souleiman

I have been using the oil in the evening now for a week and I can already see a difference. my skin is more even and has a glow to it. Not at all greasy, which was my main worry

Pamela Jacobs

Lovely oil, very moisturising and leaves my skin soft and hydrated.

Sheuly Boksh

The smell isn't great, but you can tell it's a natural product. I used this out of desperation because of an allergic reaction to something I used previously or a general hormonal breakout which looked like acne. Withing the first use it calmed down the stinging and tightness I had on my cheeks and had reduced the appearance of the spots dramatically. I will continue to use this day and night.


I think the product is great and comes in a good size - it's very good value for money compared to elsewhere


Honestly it's one of the best products I've used in my life. My skin is transformed. Everyone's telling me this. I don't have acne anymore and my skin is bright. Wonderful product.


I first bought this product in July 2018. it lasted me around 6 months, and it helped with my scars that didn't want to budge! I've now ordered it 3 times, I usually used it on my body and then have a shower after leaving it on for a few hours, personally I can't leave it on for too long as it doesn't sink into my skin as well, but regardless, amazing product. smell takes some getting used to but its not the worst, the benefits are endless! my whole skin care routine consists of face theory, thank you facetheory for your amazing products!


My face feels smooth and leaving no spots as was originally. I have recommended it to my friends and they love it.

Irina Raita


Arosha Honey

Great product



This oil is really lovely, very Hydrating, 2 drops is enough, recommend

Louisa Francis

Love love love this oil ,it is refreshing my very tired skin,I would recommend it to Everyone xxxx

Yechen Wong

it is absolutely amazing, although a bit oilier and takes awhile for the oils to soak into my face, it is so deeply hydrating and it has just cured my dry spots off my face

Fiona Emm

Absolutely love this oil. I've been using it at bed time for about a week and a half and skin feels so much softer and balanced. Really happy. Will definitely buy again.


The product is good .

rebecca walker

great product


I’m glad facetheory exists! I will definitely be purchasing here again because my skin feels so smooth and fresh after just one apply one my dry face skin. Thank you


Overall nice oil especially for the price. However it takes a little long to blend in compared to other rosehip oils I’ve tried. The only other negative is that the cap untwists a little when travelling which can lead to spills.

Lisa Dumbleton

Absolutely love this product... My clients are loving it too. I’m a beautician using it as part of facial treatments I offer

Rebecca Taylor

Lovely product that doesn't break me out

Lois Williams

Excellent results. Restores dry and wintry skin to a smooth, plush condition. Also great as a moisture restorer after a shower or bath. I am very happy with this product. I have sensitive skin and have had no problems using this rosehip oil.



Great for dry skin. Use on my legs arms and face.

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