Hydrating Tamanu Oil O5

with Organic Cold-Pressed Tamanu Oil and Vitamin E.

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    • Tamanu Oil is a rich, thick, slightly nutty oil that's perfect for dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin. Tamanu can also be used on stretch marks and makes a fabulous after-sun soothing oil.
    • Tamanu gives a dewy non-greasy glow.
    • It's also great for more mature skin that needs a step-up in hydration.
    • Made with 100% Organic Tamanu Oil.
    • Packaged in an amber glass bottle to stop light from oxidizing the oil.  Also contains a dropper so it's easy to dispense without waste.
    • Organic Tamanu Face Oil O5 contains Naturally-derived Vitamin E (1%) with all four types of tocopherol: alpha, beta, gamma and delta.
    • Natural - paraben-free, no sillicates, polyethylene glycols (PEGS) or mineral oils and not tested on animals. Blended in the UK.

    Tamanu Oil is cold-pressed from a tropical south east asian tree. Ours is rich, thick and extremely hydrating with a mild nutty smell. Great on eczema and sensitive dry, chapped skin. Some people find it helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue too. It absorbs quickly - and doesn't leave a greasy residue.

    Skin type suitability

    Sensitive, dry, and combination skin. Great on eczema, rosacea, and stretch marks.

    Active Ingredients
    Tamanu Oil
    A natural oil extracted from a South East Asian Tree called Tamanu.
    Natural Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is a clever fat-soluble vitamin that hydrates and repairs your skin, leaving it full and fresh. The Vitamin E in O1 is derived naturally and contains alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols.
  • Warm two drops of oil in your hands and apply to your face and neck. Use before a moisturiser or on its own for an extra shot of hydration.
  • Calophyllum Tacamahaca Oil. (organic), Tocopherol (1% naturally derived)

  • ColourGreen to dark olive mobile liquid - dries clear
    Fatty acids Oleic - 38%
    Linoleic - 32%
    Palmitic - 13%
    Stearic - 13%
    Arachidic - 0.7%
    Alpha Linolenic - 0.2%
    Eicosenoic - 0.1%
    Rheology / GlideViscous oil, dries to leave a non-greasy glow.
    Extraction Method Cold pressed
    Odour Distinctive nutty

4.49 Average

51 Reviews


I have used this product for many months. Love it. I use it on my face, feet and any areas of dry skin.


Really good. I saw effects in few days.

Aneta Stepien

Super , fast delivery


I love the facetheory oils! This is my third purchase and I will definitely be buying this one again. My skin is softer, happier and I haven't had a breakout since using it. It is easy to apply, soaks in quickly and doesn't seem to be staining my pillowcases.. I don't use it during the day as find that my skin looks a little greasy for a while after applying. Although this oil has an interesting odour (husband says curry, child says gingerbread, I think almonds soaked in vinegar) it isn't overly strong and doesn't put me off using it!


Really helps troubled skin. Nice size and quality product.

Nazifa Islam

Overall great oil only downside is the smell.


Good oil.... but have specific smell

Holly Millman

Love this. I have psoriasis on my face at the moment and this plus the anti redness toner has really helped calm it down!


My favourite oil, gives me the moisture in the day time and is perfect base under make up.


Very nourishing , only need. Few drops The aroma is very strong , almost like an extremely intense infusion of coriander , but this did not bother me I use after cleansing & toning , impressed how soft my skin feels after use

Jacqueline Roache

Lovely on my skin, doesn’t lie on top of the skin like some oils. I apply my makeup on top.


Lucy Pavett


The only product I have ever found that has had a visible impact on my very dry acne prone mature skin. I use every night and in the morning my skin feels rejuvenated and supple with no burning from the acne. Finally a product that works!


I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks on myself and my almost 2year old son. He has had dry skin on his back and chest for a while and other creams haven’t made a differece. Since using this on him after his bath his skin is super soft and I’m hoping it might help fade some of his chickenpox scars. I also put this on my face at night and sometimes in the morning, it absorbs really well, never have a greasy face. The smell of it reminds me of Brazil nuts, but it’s not off putting and the smell doesn’t linger. Fab for hydration, saw results within a couple of days, I’m hoping it might have a few more miracles up it’s sleeve with continued use.


I don't normally write reviews but my experience with this Tamanu oil has been amazing! I have mild adult acne and it seems that after a week or two of using it, it really helps. I apply a thin layer before bed. My skin is much clearer and brighter and so soft! The only downfall is the smell. Also it arrived so quickly. Would strongly recommend.

Anna Collins

Blimey, this is very good value compared to a green product sold by a Tropic-al company. It stinks but it does everything the Internet says it does. I just put it on for an hour and rinse.


Arrived quickly and packed lovely. Too early to say about benefits. Only negative is the smell.


Does not smell strong, easily absorbed to the skin and non greasy. I have just started using it so need to wait longer to see results but so far I am happy with this product.

Munaza Nasim

Instantly hydrates the skin, especially good for sensitive skin.



Elizabeth Price

I am in love with this.. I struggle with Roseca and Cystic Acne and oh my god, this has changed my skin already. I would have dry patches from previous breakouts that would be difficult to cover with make up, drying my skin even more.. this has stopped, like within 2days of using. My Roseca actually appears to me calming down and my skins look less bruised with the reddness Cystic acne spot they are reducing and at the moment I have no more starting which is a miracle!!!!!!!! It does smell strong, my dog wants to lick my face all the time with it... but it's actually working!! First time in a long time I have found a product that is helping! Thank you!


The tamanu oil does what it says - its hydrating and surprisingly light on the skin. I use this after cleansing and toning. It also helps my foundation stay in place. I definitely recommend this and would purchase again in future.

Cathy Coleman

Leaves my face feeling really soft. It has quite a strong fragrance which my partner commented smells like fake tan but this doesn’t bother me.


Feels really lovely on the skin. Makes your skin so soft and supple. The scent could be a little nicer but all in all great.

Geoff Read

This is an excellent hydrating product with a really nice nutty smell.


Fabulous oil which is extremely hydrating for my bone dry skin on my face & body. I mix three drops in with my normal moisturiser, and it feels amazing on my face. Then when I am ready to apply my foundation, I mix a drop or two in with it and it gives me the most fantastic dewy glow which is just enough. The smell is very much like cannabis strangely enough. It does smell quite strong. The only down side is the dropper doesn’t drop the product out. It seems too thick for the dropper. But, an amazing product.

Kim McGaw

Good product- would recommend this.

priya sri

its very good and hydrating..helped with my excema too..a bit of a nutty smell that you can get used to..


Absolutely love this oil. I apply it every night & have noticed an improvement in my skin. I highly recommend Facetheory & their products.