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Product Development Part 1 - A Make-up Primer

make up primer

We've been busy here developing our skincare that's personal range.  Whatever your skin type and lifestyle, we want to try and offer the right products for you.

One of the products we're about to launch in the next few weeks is our make-up primer.

We love primers and we like the way they can turn your skin into a canvas: either to mask blemishes and large pores or to prepare your skin as the perfect make-up base.  We've tried to formulate our primer so its super-simple: it contains shea butter and vitamin e along with a slip agent to give it that perfect primer skin-feel.  We recommend you use it after a moisturiser.

Our beauty panel are testing it out right now.  If you want to be notified about the launch and find out more, read about our ultraglide primer here.