15% off orders more than £20. Use code 1520
15% off orders more than £20. Use code 1520. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Wow! Launch week!

We've had a fab launch week.  After a hectic few days, things are starting to calm down a bit now.  Our skincare has been well-received by our customers and we're getting some great feedback about how we can improve our personalized routine even more - so watch this space for more exciting product development.  

If you've not tried them yet - I really recommend you try some samples - they've been going down a storm.  At a shade over £3 for a set including postage and packing - it's a great way to try a facetheory routine without committing to the expense of a full product - and you get a further 20% off if you subsequently purchase a full-sized product after trying out the samples.

As ever, our customers are the boss.  If you think there's something more we should be doing, let us know in the comments below.