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SALE ON! Get 15% off orders over £20 (use code 1520).

Our New Face Oils

When we're thinking about our product roadmap, we try to deliver what our customers want in a way that reduces complexity from over-engineered formulations.

Most moisturising creams are a blend of oil and water, mixed in two phases.  The reason is that some active ingredients are water-soluble (e.g. vitamin c) and some are only fat-soluble (e.g. vitamin e).  So - formulators use a mix of both to deliver a cream that can carry water and fat-soluble active ingredients in a form that's evenly dispersed throughout the cream.  And people also love face creams :)

We love face creams too and wouldn't be without them - but we also love the natural simplicity of face oils - so we've decided to introduce some into our range, with a unique Facetheory spin.

We've developed two oils: an Organic Argan Oil and an Organic Jojoba Oil where we've tried to bring the best of Facetheory to create something new.  

Both face oils contain natural organic oil that's completely unfragranced.   We've also added some naturally-derived vitamin e at 1% that helps to preserve the oil and stop it going rancid.   The natural vitamin e gives us a much more broad range of tocopherols than a synthetic variety.

We think they're a vast improvement on a lot of the bulk produced oils that are out there that aren't cosmetic grade (i.e.  they haven't been adequately safety tested in the way that a cosmetic product is) and are still at an affordable price point.

Each oil is presented in a 50ml amber glass bottle with a dropper so you can dispense just the right amount.  You can use them as a touch up on your face and neck - especially where you have dry and sensitive patches of skin or as a replacement to your regular day cream.  They're also a great alternative to night creams too, especially if you find a lot of night creams too thick.

We may add another face oil or two in the next few months.  Are there any face oils you'd like to see us develop?